Launch of the International Center for Palestine Center

We are happy to launch the International Center for Palestine Studies (ICPS); an international research and publishing center that collects, produces, and disseminates critical knowledge about the Palestinian struggle for liberation and return, founded in 2021 in Amsterdam. We republish progressive and revolutionary texts from the past and provide a platform for the new progressive and revolutionary generation. The ICPS aims to gather and unite people from different geographies, disciplines, and backgrounds to deepen our collective understanding of liberation movement and its tasks. We especially encourage students and youth to engage in research, analysis, poetry, and prose, relating to the Palestinian liberation struggle.

While the ICPS is strongly rooted in the Palestinian liberation struggle, we recognize that this struggle is organically linked with all people’s liberation struggles in the world – from the Philippines to South Africa, and from Turtle Island to Lebanon – and we aim to deepen these links based on the collective goals of national and social liberation.

If you have any information requests, want to submit your work for publication, or wish to get involved with the ICPS, please contact us through or our social media platforms.

We are also excited to announce that we will be present at the Masar Badil conference (the Alternative Palestinian Path) in Madrid, taking place upcoming weekend.

The ICPS’s first publications include “Our code of morals is our revolution – George Habash selected works 1970 – 1984” and a study guide of the PFLP’s “Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine”. You can order both publications through our website and social media platforms.

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